Kids and Teens – Teaching Kids To Create New Behavior Styles Has Changed

“In spite of six thousand manuals on child raising in the bookstores, child raising is still a dark continent and no one really knows anything. You just need a lot of love and luck – and, of course, courage. – Bill Cosby, Fatherhood, 1986

You may not know that if your kid’s age range is from 8-12 they are called “Tweens”. It is the in-between age of leaving elementary school and before they enter high school. At this age kids have already figured out who their parents are and are depending less and less on them to direct their everyday lives.

The first nine years of a kid’s life it is effective for parents to yell, punish, spank, time-out and pinch the kids when they have performed unacceptable behaviors to get them to change. Those day are behind us and parents must develop new avenues to change behaviors of their “Tween” kids. Parents need to education themselves for every year their kid is developing. There are numerous books written on every year of development. All of us brought books on raising babies, raising toddlers and then start throwing away books and valuable resources for the rest of the years in raising our kids.

It is important for parents to realize the discipline we use on one of our kids will not work on each one of our kids. The only way to pull off being a successful parent is to get to know each one of your kids individually and treat/discipline them accordingly.

Being an only kid in the family has its pro’s and con’s. For those parents with an only child, it is even more important that you read-up on their outlook on life. An only child looks at issues much differently than if they had siblings in their life. Unless you grew up as an “only child” there is no possible way you can understand your kid without reading and having clear communication with your kid. An only child is less likely to share his inner thoughts with you or anyone. When an only child is growing up, they do not have siblings to argue with, sharing toys with siblings, sharing mom and dad with siblings, etc. Which may mean you do not have to discipline this particularly child as often. However, they do have to be taught to change unacceptable behaviors into acceptable behaviors.

Come on parents – read up and education yourselves on your kids and how to facilitate them changing their behaviors when necessary.