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When Parenting Kicks In

When you were a kid, you often heard your parents yelling about how hard is it to be a parent, and that probably left a mark on you. Now you have a kid and you are thinking “What now?!” Well, don’t be afraid, because we have some parenting advice that will assure you that parenting is as hard as you put it. So let’s begin.

There are three things you have to make clear from the beginning. You have three basic jobs to keep your kids fit. That is nurturing, education, and health and welfare. When you realize that you should give your kids food, home, clothes and school, you are already on a good track, but what is most important in parenting is that your kids sooner or later grow up to be good people. Once you get on the side with that, all is set for you to take on a plan.

There is one question you must ask yourself, “What kind of adult do you want your child to become?”

Because what you sow now, you will reap later, as childhood is the age of our lives that defines our character the most.

You should always try to be an example to your kids and show them on yourself how they should be, because children at younger (and even older) age are taking their parents as their role models.

Remember that you are the one that is giving them a vivid image of this world, and that they perceive you as the one who is always there to protect them, which leads us to another thing – balance. You should always keep relatively equal time of work and play and time you spend together with time you spend apart. You should prepare them for life, and sooner you realize that this is your main role, things will be much easier.

Teach him how to differentiate good and bad, prepare him for socializing and prepare him that there are all sorts of people in this world, both good and evil, and that he will need to adapt to his environment.

Set high expectations for his education and behavior, but don’t be too harsh on them if they don’t quite meet those expectations, rather reward them when they do.

You should always let them express themselves and be who they are, and just provide them with enough guidelines to make a strong and healthy person out of them.

Right Brain Kids – Art Activities for Toddler Education and Parenting

It was an eye opener to me when my friend show me how her toddler is able to read at young age of 18 months old! Her son is attending enrichment school on right brain training. I’m not sure the popularity for this in other countries, but I’m sure right brain education for toddler is hot now!

I always wander what other methods to train toddlers’ right brain? After I have done many research and reading, I found one of the best way is providing some art and craft tasks for them. Here, I share some of my parenting tips from my experience and research.

Tips #1 Decorate your home with colorful posters

Display lots of strong colorful posters or cards, striking color is the best. This is to train the observation and focusing at home.

Tips #2 Flash at least 100 pcs of colorful flash card everyday

Plan a fix schedule of the day to flash at least 100 pcs of flash cards to your toddler. The best timing is after the child having milk or meal,and happy to play any games with you. This is to train the brain to be sensitive to different color.

Tips #3 Motor skill training for basic art and craft skills

Take note that all the motor skill is critical to allow your children to learn how to draw and control an art brushes. Activities such as pouring water from big cup to small cup, bead threading, tearing paper, practise how to hold children plastic scissors, but must be accompany by parents, train how to use chock-stick besides using spoon while feeding, train how to hold different type of pen, pencil, brush, thin, thick, long, short, big or small.

Here simple craft activities for you!

Craft #1 Finger drawing using water color or poster color

Take a piece of paper, poster color, and let your toddler using their both hand to scribble, scribble and scribble…

Craft #2 Pasting stickers

You can buy from any stationery store and super mart for children sticker and let them paste sticker on an old daily.

Craft #3 Egg painting

You need to keep some egg shells without breaking the whole egg during cooking. This can be done by punching a small hold on top of the egg, and pour out the egg into a bowl. Securing the egg on a wooden stick and let your toddler color the egg using poster color.

Craft #4 Self or family portrait

You need to prepare family photos or your kids photo for this. Other material needed such as recycle color paper, newsletter or folder divider etc, seashell, hand made clay, paper glue, different colors of marker or color pencils. Ask your child to cut out the family members or self photo, paste it on color paper, then decorate the surrounding of the color paper with marker or color pencil, paste so other items such as seashell, clay etc to make the art work 3D looks.

Above tips are basic methods to train potential genius child in art at young age of 13 – 18 months old. It can be continue used for children above age of 1.5 years later with more complex activities and art and craft projects. Enjoy right brain parenting!