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Problematic Kids – What Teachers Can Do

Kids are supposed to be cute, kind and obedient, right? But, if you were to encounter the opposite, how would you handle them?

Are you going to get mad, irritated or stubborn as well? Well, the best thing to do when you are in this kind of situation is: be quiet. Yes, never speak any word that could trigger more negative reaction from the one whom supposed to be cute and kind and obedient.

Just observe, listen and wait for them to realize that you have been listening, observing and waiting for them to realize something. If a problematic kid has the needed support to change his behavior, chances are he would look for avenues to do so.

Teachers are mostly trapped in this kind of situation wherein one or a number of their learners have difficulty showing the proper behaviors expected of them. Might be they had not been properly tutored by their parents or adults around them, and now showing disrespect to their teachers, or simply taking their stubbornness to the next level.

Well, here are things to consider before having a fight with problematic kid/s in class:

1. Show you care. Yes, a kid’s trust will be yours once you have shown that you can be trusted. Never initiate any action that could make the situation worse. Try to understand. Listen. Know where they are coming from.Then, do necessary actions upon knowing where you could start your mission.

2. Make them feel loved. When kids feel insecurity because of their parents’ failure in nurturing them, teachers can–and should–do the needed attention. By not overdoing it, they could guide them towards self-confidence and all.

3. Let them understand the situation. Some kids have the ability to get the whole picture of their bad behaviors, only they are having a hard time admitting to themselves and to adults around them that they are making their own existence difficult. Always ask them to put themselves in other people’s perspective so as to get the feeling of being disrespected, hurt or what. By doing so, they would slowly absorb the wisdom of being nice, good and obedient.

4. Help them. Once they have your trust and all, they will do the necessary change in their behaviors. And, of course, they could be one supporters when you are also down and weary and lonely and what.

There you go. Problematic kids are just confused, victims and in need of adult’s understanding. Giving them your time, resources or what could spell a big difference in their quest to finding their spot under the sun, moonlit and star light. Be one caring, loving and nurturing individual to them. Who knows, someday they could be another source of light, love and inspiration for others.