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Technology With Kids

Before you snap that laptop closed too quickly on your children’s fingers, take a deep breath. There are numerous ways to insure safe browsing and considerable interaction for your children and computers. This is not intended for teens, control issues require a different approach. This specific target is for your smaller children from three to 10 years old.Take the following hints to secure your control over their browsing habits and have less fear through education.

Bookmark It!

Bookmark the sites you want your kids on. Create folders along the toolbar of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. etc. of the browser you use. Select the Nick.com folder to insert that website for games and coloring. Create another folder for Nick Jr. and yet another Mickey Mouse Games. Leapfrog has a fantastic site and other paid sites are affordable and give your children a great outlet for their creativity and need for education.

Block It!

Every browser has a blocked site list in the Settings. Take advantage of this. This is your time to block social media and even search engines. Set cookies to higher levels of security. Overall, teach your little ones to access the bookmark folders only. They are sponges and are excited to have this piece of technology available.

Buy It!

If you rather not worry or fuss over the home computer or laptop, you can opt for kid friendly devices. Nabi is an Android powered device that allows you to access Mommy and Daddy mode for security purposes. Your tot will have access to safe apps for coloring pictures, read along stories and interactive games.

MEEP! A kid friendly tablet is also available for your children. Gaming apps and interactive videos are fun options for your growing Einstein. Kurio is also available with family friendly apps for your children to browse and use safely. There are various options of safe kid friendly tablets, even Leapfrog has a great alternative for your kids.

You can also choose a kid-friendly browser plug in. Internet Explorer parents can select KidSplorer, a browser dedicated to your children. Any access to other browsers or files will be blocked. You have full control on guidance and what is allowed. KidZui is a Firefox plugin, which is aimed for ages six and up. KidZui offers parents a report to access to determine their kids are browsing in the safe zone. In addition, fun games and interactive activities are available for your children.

Final Word

Technology is here and is going to only expand with time! Communicate with your children and be positive. Show them bookmarks of information to access that is safe. Incorporate a family friendly browser or tablet to share. Children enjoy the opportunity to feel adult, and this is a perfect step towards it. Educational initiatives with online activities boost the learning desire. Encourage it!